Yes, It's True

We are the opportunity you thought didn’t exist.

Business As It Should Be

You know that sense of finding a sweet spot in life, when things come together just right?

Hazel and Deene Stylists experience it every day.

You love  the idea of being your own boss. You crave a limitless earning potential with promotions and bonuses on your schedule. You want more than just a job; you want to know that everyday you are building a legacy and contributing to a better world.

Our flexible career plan allows you to create your dream job that fits your life and goals. We are the opportunity you always wished existed!

Bring together your unique style with the ability to impact others

Bring together your heart to do good with a mind to do good

Bring together your boutique business with the global market

What Does A Stylist Do

Share the Style in Person & Online

Don’t like high pressure sales? Neither do we. Join our growing brand and represent conscious commerce + can’t miss style. It is as easy as wearing and sharing.

Mentor & Develop Other Leaders

It is no secret, business is better with friends! Create influence outside of your immediate networks by growing a team and intentionally sharing your goals and drive.

Create Impact & Do Good

Style, not sympathy, that is our motto. Our hand crafted Collection supports community development, anti-trafficking initiatives, preventative health care and so much more in our Artisans’ communities.

Choose Your Path To Success

  • Earn 25% to 40% commission
  • Always free personal website
  • Digital and print materials
  • Specialized training
  • Supportive community
  • Personal discount up to 50%
  • Dedicated home office support
Esstentials Kit
Capital Kit
Career Kit

Get Started Today

Hazel and Deene Stylists are the face of a new type of entrepreneur… one who is stylish, refined and compassionate. We sell high quality, hand crafted accessories with purpose…but at our core, we are a people company.

The Hazel & Deene Society is a movement of women who are style driven and impact motivated. Combine your work and passion for a beautiful collision of joy and success.

Join the Society as a Stylist and start your own Hazel & Deene business today!

Society FAQ

Learn More About Joining the Hazel & Deene Society

Your earning potential is determined by your goals and pace. Hazel and Deene Stylists earn up to 40% Sales Commissions on Soirée, Online and Inventory sales. In addition to this, you can earn from a generous team based Coaching Commission structure.

Of course! Stylists are given exclusive access to our Social Selling training as well as premier support from our Home office Staff. Your Team Ambassador will also walk with you during your business journey and be a constant support, encouragement and motivator.

Only individuals can sign up as Hazel and Deene Stylists. If you have a friend interested as well, take the journey together as Independent Sales Stylists.

You are free to set your own hours, but we encourage you to devote a minimum of 5 hours per week to growing your business and impact.

Our vision is to create sustainable change through opportunity and enterprise empowerment. This means that our products are only the beginning to the greatness of Hazel and Deene. Our community of Stylish World Changers is an intelligent, passionate and driven group of likeminded women who pursue transformation here and there.

Our unique selling platform allows Stylists to harness their entrepreneurial spirit and sell through Soirées, a personal online boutique,and inventory events.

Our Business Building Kits are investments that will quickly be repaid by the success of your sales and growth. With kits ranging from $199 to $699, your investment can be customized to your business goals and plans.

Our products are handcrafted by our Partner Artisans from around the world who are actively working to alleviate poverty and create opportunities for others. You are a key piece in the cycle of commerce and have a direct impact on others through your success and business growth. As a Stylish World Changer who has both a mind and a heart for doing good, you will challenge others in their thinking of how sustainable change. In addition to your global impact, our team-based structure intentionally pursues transformation of our Stylists from the inside out. When you grow your team, you will directly impact your team members through our inclusive and life-changing coaching curriculum.

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